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Hire a Cocktail Bartender for a Private Party!  Vintage Inspired Garden & Beach Parties
Cocktails!!! Everyone loves cocktails but sure you already know that since your search to hire a cocktail bartender brought you  here anyway! Hire a bartender for your private party and teat yourself to a refreshing and cooling cocktail, a cold beer or a glass of wine, have some seasonal food, enjoy the sunshine and take a well-earned breather in the fresh air. These private parties are truly perfect to relax with a cocktail made by your own private bartender available for hire from “Hire a Barman” in London,  Brighton, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow or Edinburgh! Summer Days and Vintage Cocktail Bar Set-Up! We love Vintage and surely who doesn’t? Hire a Bartender and to keep in line  with the theme he will be serving delicious cocktails in little jars or milk bottles, big glass dispensers serving refreshments, ice buckets filled with cold beer & white wine and bubbly. Enjoy the Summer while its there and live a little! Plan your next party  with “Hire a Barman” and get ready to party in style! Love cocktails? Then you must love “Hire a Barman”, call us and book your cocktail waiter today!
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Hire a Flair Bartender for a House Party   Amazing Flair bartenders available for private party Cocktails...we all love watching the bartenders at work, the shaking process and the perfect pour...nothing beats a good cocktail! Nothing except a flair bartender that’s it, hire a flairtender (aka flair barman) and entertain your guests in a unique and exciting way. Watch the flair bartenders juggling tins and bottles up in the air, this is what we call cocktail service at its best!
Hire a Mobile Cocktail Bar  Hire a Portable Bar - Custom Build Cocktail Bars
Hire a Flair Bartender for a Private Party   Book a flairtender to entertain guests at home
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hire a flair bartender for  private party
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Novelty Mobile Cocktail Bar Ideas  Hire your own Mobile Cocktail Caravan, party like a rock star! 
Weddings, Birthday Parties, Communions, Private & Corporate Events! Hire a Barman” is the UK’s leading mobile bar and cocktail services company covering almost all areas in Uk from  London, Brighton, to Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow and Edinburgh From classic mobile cocktail bars  available for hire to flashy LED bar units or vintage set-ups we have the perfect bar to match the occasion, the time of the year or the party theme colours! And if “uniqueness” is what you are after how about a mobile cocktail caravan parked in your garden used at a mobile cocktail bar! Now we’re talking! Hire a Bartender or book a Mobile Cocktail Bar with “Hire a Barman” and lets plan  together the party your guests will be talking about for a long time. Professional bar staff, entertaining flair bartenders, courteous waiters and all the cocktail glasses you need - give us a call on 0203 1376628 or send us an email at  info@hireabarman.com today for the best rates around!
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Hire a Barman Contact Us T - 0203 1376628 E - info@hireabarman.com
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Hire a Mobile Cocktail Bar for Private Parties  Private Parties, Garden & Beach Picnic Cocktails Celebrating your special day with a Garden Cocktail Party or a Picnic on  the beach enjoying delicious cocktails fresh made by your own personal  cocktail bartender - surely there is nothing that can beat that! Standard  mobile bars or novelty bar set-up, let us help you put together the  perfect party! “Hire a Barman” - when only the best will do! 
Hire a Cocktail Barman for a Private Party at home! Garden Parties, Weddings, Engagement Parties, Hen & Birthday Parties! London, Brighton, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow & Edinburgh. Whether you are looking for a cocktail bartender available for hire, a mobile cocktail bar, glassware or the full package, “Hire a Barman” is the way to go! Professional, reliable and affordable - our beverage service will turn any ordinary day in an unforgettable experience. Our Bartender by the Hour service is available in most areas in UK and we are happy to travel if needed be!

Hire a Cocktail Bartender for a House Party

Hire bartenders in London, Brighton, Manchester, Liverpool , Glasgow or Edinburgh and lest us help you kick start  your private party in style! From the standard Bartender by the Hour package to Flair Bartenders, Cocktail Waiters,  Mixologists and Cocktail making Parties  - all available for hire at private and corporate events. We have the perfect bartender for every event or private party in the house and we would love to organise the cocktail bar at your next event. Send us an email today at info@hireabarman.com with your location & date of the event and  we’ll take it from there!
hire a bartender for a private party
Cocktail Waiters available for hire at private events & house parties   Mobile Cocktail Bar & Bartender Hire Services for private events
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