Cocktail Bartenders - London

Skilled cocktail makers, custom build pop-up cocktail bars and friendly cocktail waiters - you name it, we source it!

We got these for hire in London and more! You can rest assured that you are getting top notch service with professional bar staff completely designated for tending your private party. With our experienced and professional cocktail bartenders we make planning and hosting any party at home seamless for the customer and memorable for the guests.

Hire bartenders for house parties, birthdays, hen parties, weddings and corporate events. Book for all kinds of London parties!

Private Party Packages

All inclusive Drinks Packages and Pop-Up Bars for hire!

Event Staffing London

Cocktail Bartenders - typically with 3+ years of experience. They will take whatever stock you have and work their magic to create outstanding beverages.

Flair Bartenders - typically with 4+ years of experience. True entertaining professionals suitable for high end events and times that you want to impress.

Waiting Staff - typically with 2+ years of experience. Able to serve food and beverages, our waiters are an excellent addition to any package you book.

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